Our Association

The Association

The “Associazione Talassemici Piemonte” is a no-profit, voluntary association established in 1975, with the objective of promoting medical researches, providing patients and their family with an updated and accurate information. Patients, doctors and volunteers are continuously supporting our activities in order to improve the quality of life for all thalassemia patients.

The Centre

The reference center of the Piedmont for the threatment of Microcythemia and Thalassemia is
A.O.U. San Luigi – Orbassano

Regione Gonzole Orbassano 10043 Torino
SS Microcitemie – Piano 3°
Tel. 011/9026851 – Fax 011/9026850

email: microcitemie@sanluigi.piemonte.it


Thalassemia is the name of a group of inherited genetic blood disorder, characterized by absent or decreased synthesis of normal hemoglobin, which is a component of red blood cells and it consists of two different proteins: alfa and beta. The two main types of Thalassemia are called “Alpha” and “Beta” depending on which part of hemoglobin in the red blood cell is lacking.




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